Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Day 5 - Wed 23 Sep 2015 (Randwick to Dursley 10.5miles)

Day 5 saw a relatively short 10.5 mile walk and we set off at 0900 with a lovely clear, bright morning. We picked up the Cotswold Way Walk at the bottom of Randwick before we went through a vineyard and Trevor had a slight fall down some steps crossing over a railway. During the walk there are a few occasions where you have different route options and we went through Kings Stanley where Dave's excellent navigational skills saw him looking for a church as Trevor stood by the church gate. We then had a steep climb up Pen Hill. This set the scene for much wooded paths which were very up and down in places. Coaley Peak gave us great views over the River Severn and into Wales. Phil got stuck in a stile to much amusement. There was also a 5000 year Neolithic burial mound. We had another steep ascent and descent before skirting around the bottom of Cam Long Down. We were specifically looking forward to our stop at Dursley due to The Old Spot pub which we arrived at with the time being 2pm and in time to watch Japan's rugby match. On the way into Dursley Phil stopped outside a block of flats to put his glasses away when suddenly from the door telecom we all heard someone kept bellowing "Oi baldy" much to Phil's annoyance and our amusement. 
The pub was a former CAMRA pub of the year and the B&B was next door which was conveniently well planned. Our miles per gallon (beer) is going to be worked out tomorrow.....


  1. We are looking forward to the final miles per gallon calculation!
    Eileen and Tom

  2. Hahaha baldy we call him that every day so he's used to it! Nearly there now keep going everyone ! :) love jess xx