Friday, 25 September 2015

Day 7 - Fri 25 Sept 2015 (Hawkesbury Upton to Cold Ashton 15 miles)

Our penultimate leg saw us depart Hawkesbury Upton at 0830 in glorious weather. For a change the first few miles were relatively flat. We commented just how well sign posted this National Trail was, it would be very difficult to get lost but it was reassuring to have Dave navigating so he could cross reference our position with various churches. 
At Little Sodbury we bumped into another group of Americans doing the walk and we stopped for five minutes to chat. We then went through Old Sodbury where 3 of the more dubious of the party went Dog Inn as the picture shows!
As we continued at a steady pace we saw an interesting owls and swallow tower. We walked through Tormarton at 1130 but were too early to test the beer at The Major's Retreat so Team Jaguar as we had named ourselves cracked on. 
Crossing the M4 was a physiological boost, with the route then skirting down to and across the A46 before down and around the National Trust's Dyrham House. With only three ten minute breaks we were making reasonable time for the 15 miles but all our feet were aching. We finished with a steep climb up to Pennsylvania before crossing the A46 up to Cold Ashton before crossing the busy A46 for a third time to our last B&B Whiteways and how nice it was. Welcome baths and showers were enjoyed before the landlord kindly gave us a 1700 lift to The Catherine Wheel at Marshfield, only because Trevor said it was Friday so we should go out for a pint. 
Observation of the day - It was looking like Phil, who had brought ear defenders on the walk because of Vince's snoring reputation, but had no need to use them, would have to share them out to the others who by now wanted a break from Phil's constant talking. 
Just one day to go and all looking good with no serious injuries or blisters. 

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